About the Church

Christian Family International was founded in 1999 in Rotterdam by our Lord Jesus Christ through His servant Bishop Nana Opoku. The church has been a great help to many lives in the nation and overseas through the spiritual oversight and responsibility of taking care of the needy members and as many that the Lord brings to us. Many broken marriages have been restored through the prayer of the church; the blind receiving their sight; broken-hearted receiving the peace of God; the abused ones regaining a blessed, peaceful and normal life again.

Christian Family International has also been playing a vital role in bringing the churches of Christ together in Nederland. By the direction of God given to Bishop Nana, a group of watchmen comprising of pastors and leaders from other churches was formed to intercedes for the city of Rotterdam and Nederland.

The church also organizes various activities for the members and the neighborhood. For example the food evangelism and the sowing classes for the Women
The church is having members from almost all the continents of the world. Micah 4:1-6